TV Club: Kroll Show: “The Commonwealth Games”

Show Us Your Songs Commonwealth and Pawnsylvania work together to drive most of Kroll Show tonight, opening with Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland arriving in Pittsburgh to prank pawn shop owner Don with Too Much Tuna. The Oh Hello hosts are some of the best characters on Kroll Show, and seeing them play around in new environments this season has been very funny. Don, being the doofus that he is, is actually entertained by the tuna prank.

Show Us Your Songs travels the world to give the happy citizens of the queen’s commonwealth a chance to make it to the finale in London, and it leads to some great guest appearances. Bo Burnham plays a street rat from London who may or may not have stolen a piano. Between his guest appearances on Portlandia and Broad City, Kumail Nanjiani is quickly becoming my favorite guest star on television …

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