TV Club: Kroll Show: “Pleep Ploop”

Characters make the backbone of any great sketch. And the dynamic and interconnected characters of Kroll Show are definitely largely responsible for the effectiveness of the show’s wacky, specific comedy. But the other key players in Kroll Show‘s brilliance are the editors, who put together the visual and audio gags that elevate each segment to the next level.

Just look at the intro sequence for this week’s return of Oh, Hello, the public access prank show hosted by crass Jewish divorcees Gil Faizon (Kroll) and George St. Geegland (John Mulaney). The intentionally bad editing and overuse of transitions and cheap effects perfectly parodies the look of a public access show that’s just trying too hard.

That editing excellence continues for the rest of the episode, especially with the new Loser’s Bracket, a dating reality series hosted by Casey Wilson. All of the on-screen effects and …

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