TV Club: Kristen Wiig comes home for a funny, political SNL Thanksgiving

I’m not an actor, I’m a [Ghostbuster, former SNL] star!”

Kristen Wiig returned to 8H for her second time as host, and delivered exactly the Kristen Wiig episode you expect. To be fair, we only got two returning Wiig characters—Secret Word’s Broadway star and terrible game show contestant Mindy Elise Grayson and constitutionally unable to keep a secret Aunt Sue—which is about two fewer than I was expecting. I love Wiig, but her first hosting gig was swamped with characters that had run dry before she left the show in 2012. Honestly, she was best tonight in her silly monologue, where she demanded and then discarded a ukelele, double-necked electric guitar, and stoll, then sang an elaborately silly, catchy, and inaccurate ode to Thanksgiving. (There were pilgrims, Indians, space aliens, Ben Franklin, Paul Revere, Napoleon, and FDR, among others.)

As often happens when a former …

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