TV Club: Kirkman makes one friend, loses another on Designated Survivor

“Commander-In-Chief” finds our hero getting a few more pieces of intel on the conspiracy that put him in the White House, but those pieces don’t really tell us anything new. Langdon, the other unexpected survivor of the capital bombing, turns himself in on the hopes that the information he provides will be enough to save him from a death sentence. His story mostly serves to tie together what we already knew. The woman who contacted Jason after his son was kidnapped helped orchestrate Langdon’s involvement, using him for intel (without his awareness, at least according to him) and then getting him out of the city before everything blew up. Going under the name “Claudine Poyet,” she also blackmailed him into putting Kirkman in the designated survivor role.

None of which is really bombshell-worthy. In terms of the overall mystery, this episode is really mostly about setting up a …

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