TV Club: Kirkman compromises on a clumsy Designated Survivor

Of course Tom Kirkman is a registered Independent. Of course he is. It’s a classic TV move: try and make the fantasy palatable to both sides of the aisle by playing it straight down the middle. But it’s also speaking to a certain flaw in Kirkman’s character—one which, while not devastating yet, is gradually becoming more of a problem. For all his good intentions and nobility, Kirkman often finds himself paralyzed by the responsibilities his new job entails. It’s a character trait that’s at once endearing and easy to relate to, and one that speaks to the dream at the show’s heart—that of a politician who really doesn’t want power, but is determined to make the most of it. But it can also be a liability. Nice guys can make terrible leaders.

“The Interrogation” starts with things seemingly going well for …

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