TV Club: Kingdom brings in a ringer as the clock winds down

Over the course of three seasons, we’ve seen various cycles play out on Kingdom—substance abuse, emotional neglect, and dysfunctional relationships, to name a few. We’ve born witness to many down swings and low points for all of the characters, regardless of whether or not they created the circumstances. But that’s just it—how do we/they assign blame? What’s the formula for meting out responsibility? Alvey had an abusive, alcoholic father, and while he might not have wailed on his sons, he’s guilty of inflicting other kinds of pain. So is the psychological damage he’s done to Christina, Jay, and to a lesser extent, Nate entirely his fault?

The show’s never seemed to think so. It’s factored in Alvey’s painful upbringing—making similar allowances for Jay and the rest—while regularly underscoring his flaws. And this season, we’ve gotten …

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