TV Club: King Shark attacks and Zoom is revealed in a downbeat outing of The Flash

Despite previews suggesting a lighthearted shark romp, “King Shark” plays more like a gloomy hangover from Team Flash’s visit to Earth-2. In a way it makes sense that a pair of episodes featuring alternate versions of our characters would be followed by one in which the ”real” versions of those characters didn’t feel like themselves. And it also makes sense that guest stars from Arrow would show up on an episode in which Barry is at his most brooding and Oliver Queen-ish. As usual, however, The Flash isn’t at its best when it takes on the funeral heaviness of its CW sibling.

Those visitors from Arrow are Diggle and Lila, who have come to Central City in search of an escapee from an ARGUS facility. The metahuman in question is King Shark, responsible for the single most entertaining minute of the entire season back in “The Fury …

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