TV Club: Kimmy Schmidt finally chooses herself over others in poignant “Kimmy And The Trolley Problem!”

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt‘s third season hasn’t been as cohesive as its second, at times spinning too many plates and then just letting them fall. The show has great continuity, especially when it comes to its ever-expanding web of recurring jokes, but several of the season’s most interesting developments haven’t lived up to their full potential or have been dropped altogether. “Kimmy And The Trolley Problem!,” however, refocuses on some of the most compelling character-driven throughlines of the season just in time for the season finale.

For Kimmy, this means coming to terms with how to talk about her past. Xan asks her to come on her campus television show where she profiles women on campus (called simply Profiles, much to Kimmy’s dismay). Of course, Xan wants her to talk about the bunker, saying it could inspire others. Even though Kimmy has been working had to …

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