TV Club: Kilgrave puts a powerful pawn in play in Jessica Jones’ penultimate episode

Kilgrave has a powerful new weapon in “AKA Take A Bloody Number,” and his name is Luke Cage. After forcing him to blow up his bar, Kilgrave continues to secretly control Luke throughout this episode as a means of emotionally manipulating Jessica, primarily by making her believe that she’s been forgiven for her horrible mistreatment of Luke. Both Jessica and the viewer are unaware of this deception until the final scene where Kilgrave forces Jessica to fight for her life against her former lover, and the script by Hilly Hicks, Jr. effectively makes the audience feel that betrayal by withholding that key piece of information.

Like Trish Walker, I want to see Jessica find happiness after all the terrible shit she’s had to deal with on this show, which is why it’s so easy to be fooled by Kilgrave’s plan. It feels good to hear Luke …

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