TV Club: Kids, Childrens Hospital is going to tell you how it met your Nurse Beth

“And that’s why, for one day, I was called Doctor Beth.” – Nurse Beth

If there is one constant in Childrens Hospital, it’s that its continuity is one that absolutely transcends the very meaning of the word. And that doesn’t just apply to the series regulars and doctors—that can apply to nurses who were once given the opportunity to be a doctor for a whole day. In fact, that just so happens to be the case for “Doctor Beth,” the origin story of Nurse Beth and fodder for a possible sequel to last season’s Beth-centric “Fan Fiction.” And if Childrens Hospital has decided that it wants to do a Nurse Beth episode once per season, then who are we to question that?

Despite the Nurse Beth-centric plot, the most obvious episode to compare this to is season four’s “Chief’s Origin.” which of course gave …

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