TV Club: Key & Peele: “Y’all Ready For This?”

Key & Peele‘s fifth season premiere is a bit like getting a terrific high five from your coolest friend at a party that’s so cool you can’t even believe you were invited. You make eye contact as soon as you see this cool friend from across the terrifically lit, cinematically impressive room, and when you walk in slow-motion toward this cool friend, you just know that the rest of the night is going to be one to remember. Your life is so much more interesting for having this cool friend back in it, and that’s not even as lame as it sounds.

“Y’all Ready For This?” asks the eternal Jock Jams question that few people can really ever answer in the affirmative, but with regards to the rest of this season, the answer is a hopeful yes. Returning to the giant sandbox that was their …

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