TV Club: Key & Peele: “The 420 Special”

Back when this current season of Key & Peele was supposed to be the second half of season four, “The 420 Special” was to be episode 20 of season four. It was definitely a “get it?” situation, which you really can’t fault the show for trying. With the shift to separate seasons, the episode instantly lost a part of its purpose and identity, even though it continued to be called “The 420 Special.” Luckily, that minor change in plans doesn’t change the fact that the episode is cohesive enough to work (just on its name and content along) without really being episode 20 of season four.

To commemorate this special 420 (sort of) occasion, Key & Peele‘s typical on-the-road shenanigans start off as casual drug conversations—with Peele wanting to get Key high on pot—only to escalate with every new segment. Even in the initial on-the-road …

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