TV Club: Key & Peele: “Meegan & Andre Break Up” / “The End”

Peele: “The greatest. Comedy. Or. Otherwise. Show. Ever. Made.”
Key: “Okay, well… I do enjoy our show. You think it’s the best show ever made?”
Peele: “Pure classic. It’s us, then like Dallas, then The Twilight Zone. There’s a list out there.”
Key: “Key & Peele, Dallas, Twilight Zone?”
Peele: “Just talking influential. Huge. I’m a visionary. I think that it’s very possible, like, we’ll go down like the Wright Brothers. Like, it’s gonna be one of these things where we’re— Am I going too far? Am I over-blowing it?”
Key: “Yeah, over-blowing it a little bit. I really just wanted to know what the first scene was.”
Peele: “Oh.”

Key & Peele is a very intelligent show. That’s probably the one constant in every single TV Club review of the series and for good reason; since 2012, Keegan-Michael Key and …

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