TV Club: Key & Peele: “MC Mom”

When an episode of Key & Peele really gets going, all of its sketches—no matter how much of a variety there is—feel interconnected. This latest episode, “MC Mom,” does just that, building a throughline of swagger and bravado with each sketch while the road trip segments maintain the right amount of confidence to jump from these sketches effortlessly. And in case you were willing to live in a state of denial about Key & Peele‘s upcoming series finale, “MC Mom” is a reminder to everyone that, very soon, Key and Peele will no longer be Key and Peele. Until then, it’s a relief to see that they won’t be going out on a low note. “MC Mom” is one of the most consistently funny episodes of the fifth season, with a great balance of the series’ observational humor, surrealism, and some genuine surprises.

The episode …

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