TV Club: Key & Peele: “Killer Concept Album”

Before last week’s episode of Key & Peele, it was announced that this season—which had originally been part of season four—would be the series’ last. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have become pretty busy guys since the show began, and while it’s disappointing to have such a seemingly abrupt ending, it would be even worse if the show outstayed its welcome both creatively and entertainment-wise. Season five has been pretty solid so far—which is really Key & Peele‘s baseline—but not everything has worked out. Recurring characters can be more hit or miss than before, and certain sketches either have trouble ending or bring up memories of sketches from other programs. In fact, this episode marks the return of Levi (Peele) and Cedric (Key), the Ratatouille guys, and much like that sketch, it’s one that works very well in the moment but doesn …

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