TV Club: Key & Peele: “Hollywood Sequel Doctor”

Key & Peele talks a lot about what it means to be a male feminist and the gender roles of men and women; sometimes it’s through the lens of race, but it’s usually pretty universal. This week’s episode, “Hollywood Sequel Doctor,” ends up having an interesting throughline of masculinity and what that necessarily means, and it all begins with an accidental penis grazing in the opening sketch. Really, more conversations about masculinity should start with accidental penis grazing, but the opening sketch is a good start, keeping it short and sweet. In fact, given the fact that the characters in this first sketch—the Rhinos football team—were a part of such the epic season opening sketch, all that’s needed is something short and sweet.

The premise of Key’s character accidentally grazing Peele’s character’s penis is probably something any guy who’s at …

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