TV Club: Key & Peele: “A Cappella Club”

After a solid season premiere and last week’s uneven episode, Key & Peele‘s fifth season finally hits it out of the park with episode three, “A Cappella Club.” It’s an episode that’s just plain funny, from top to bottom, devoid of problems with sketch endings or even throwaway sketches. Every sketch is funny (social commentary or not), and while Key & Peele is a “revolutionary” comedy show, it still needs to be funny (viral or not). That’s what “A Cappella Club” is.

It’s a good sign from the episode’s opening, with a sketch that balances out the manic game day hype sketch of the premiere and the low-key hip hop radio station sketch from last week’s opening. As a take on those Christian Children’s Fund commercials with Alan Sader and his glorious beard—commercials that I’m certain haven’t changed …

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