TV Club: Kevin Spacey leads a lackluster Tonys ceremony

Going in there was a sense this was going to be an off year for the Tonys—at least when it came to host. After all, the duty was ascribed to Kevin Spacey, an actor most renowned for his intense dramatic performances rather than his song and dance chops. Put it simply: Frank Underwood did not seem the best man for the job to honor Broadway. And—let’s get this out of the way—he wasn’t. Indeed Spacey was a last-minute choice, and he owned up to that during his opening number, which was entirely about the fact that he was low on the list of potential hosts. The self-deprecating medley cycled through parodies of songs from the Best Musical nominees—beginning with the eventual big winner Dear Evan Hansen—with the lyrics altered to be about Spacey’s own insecurities about hosting.

The show was always going …

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