TV Club: Justified: “Fugitive Number One”

It’s when someone has nothing left to lose that you learn the true measure of that person. Perhaps that’s why the one lugging 10 million dollars through the Kentucky hills is the one who appears most lost. But for Raylan, Boyd, and Wynn Duffy, tonight’s episode offers much-needed clarity. All the comfortable fictions that sustained them all these years have burned away. For Raylan, that means he can no longer rely on his marshal’s badge to give him cover—justification, if you will—for his final battle with Boyd Crowder. For so long, he’s been able to keep his professional responsibilities just about aligned with his ordained place in the larger Harlan County saga, but that all came and went when he let Ava get away with the money. For those straining to view Raylan’s actions through some kind of logical prism—Vazquez certainly …

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