TV Club: Justified: “Fate’s Right Hand”

The essential issue with the last season of Justified—and it’s one that could only properly be seen in hindsight—was that there just was not enough story for 13 episodes. As I discussed in the review of last year’s finale, the show needed to rebuild Raylan after he crossed the line in defense of his family, and it needed to bring Ava and Boyd low enough that each would seriously consider a future without the other. As tonight’s excellent season premiere suggests, that new status quo was absolutely one worth working toward, particularly as Justified begins its endgame, but all the business with the Crowes and the last gasps of the Detroit mafia never coalesced into an entire seasons’ worth of compelling narrative. Even an insufficiently epic overarching narrative need not have represented an insoluble problem, as the real problem ended up coming from the other …

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