TV Club: Justified: “Dark As A Dungeon”

After last week’s brilliant “The Hunt” had its characters tell some unexpected truths, tonight’s episode is defined by so many examples of that hallmark of Justified storytelling: the combustible partnership. This is an episode in which circumstances maneuver together the likes of Boyd and Walker, Katherine Hale and Art, and even Raylan and Avery Markham. Most remarkably, “Dark As A Dungeon” brings us right to the cusp of open warfare between Raylan and Boyd, all while chewing over the show’s deeper themes as intently and explicitly as any episode the show has ever done. The end result is a story with plenty of trademark Justified moments, but it also accomplishes something far rarer: “Dark As A Dungeon” is an in-depth examination of the show’s most elusive character, who just happens to be its protagonist. This isn’t necessarily an episode that offers the definitive explanation of …

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