TV Club: Justified: “Collateral”

There is a nothingness to Raylan Givens. As Boyd observes during their nighttime confrontation—a final prelude to what figures to be one hell of a final showdown next week—Raylan gave up everything he is just so he could murder his longtime nemesis. Raylan’s response, that he crosses the line with his eyes wide open, does not dispute the accuracy of Boyd’s assessment, but rather the implication that this is not an exchange Raylan would be willing to make. After all, the loss of Raylan’s identity only matters if he had one in the first place. But when you strip away his wavering commitment to law enforcement, when you get rid of the seething anger at just about everyone, when you jettison his often troublesome libido, what is left over that we can even call Raylan Givens? There was the memory of his father, the burning …

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