TV Club: Justified: “Burned”

There’s a clear sorting mechanism to the Justified universe. This is a show that revels in the idiocy of its lesser outlaws, in revealing how their greed and shortsightedness inevitably renders their lives nasty, brutish, and short. But once a character attains a certain level of status on this show, there are rules that must be followed as to whom he or she can kill or how his or her life can end. Most fundamentally, if either Raylan or Boyd is going to die, one’s death won’t come at the hands of anybody but the other. Such privileged status extends beyond just the core characters: Justified spent five years heavily implying that Art would die before retirement, but part of the reason Daryl Crowe ended up only wounding the chief is that, really, was Daryl freaking Crowe going to be the man to kill Art? Justified loves …

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