TV Club: Justice League Unlimited: “Grudge Match”

Justice League Unlimited, “Grudge Match” (season 3, episode 9; originally aired March 11, 2006)

The superhero genre doesn’t have the best track record with female characters. Depictions of women are often oversexualized to gross extremes, and there’s a sad history of female victimization for male motivation in superhero comics (well chronicled at Gail Simone’s “Women In Refrigerators” website). Even with a major increase in comics led by solo superheroines in the past year, these books are still wildly outnumbered by titles spotlighting men, and in terms of representation in superhero television shows and film, women are largely operating in the background of stories belonging to male characters.

But this isn’t just a superhero problem. There’s a general lack of action heroines in pop culture, especially when it comes to programming for younger audiences. The world of children’s entertainment isn’t quite as divided along …

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