TV Club: Justice League Unlimited: “Far From Home”

Justice League Unlimited, “Far From Home” (season 3, episode 10; originally aired April 15, 2006)

The Legion of Superheroes is one of DC Comics’ coolest concepts, a team of young heroes from different parts of the universe united to fight for the forces of good in the 31st Century. The futuristic setting allowed creators on the various Legion Of Superheroes comics to stretch their imaginations as they developed a wide variety of alien characters and environments, building an expansive world that combined elements of science fiction, fantasy, and superhero genres with no shortage of soap opera in the relationships of the cast. DC hasn’t done right by the Legion of Superheroes in the New 52, launching two Legion titles at the start of the reboot that were some of the line’s first cancellations. There’s so much that could be done with the concept and characters, so it …

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