TV Club: Just in time for his birthday, Jake Peralta grows up

In the early days of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake Peralta was arguably the show’s weakest character; in the familiar mold of the sitcom man-child, he came off as a marginally affable, snarky lead, the best and brightest despite eating a diet composed largely of fruit gummies. It’s a testament to this show’s climb from good to great that Jake has grown into something quietly unexpected. He’s become the over-invested best man, the friend who wants to be more emotionally open, the anxious godhusband. His issues with his father are the slightly more sober counterpart to the rest of Jake’s goofy growing-up; not omnipresent, but vaguely doomed to bubble up now and then. It’s been a really interesting playground for Jake, both to casually deepen his character and to give Andy Samberg some of his more nuanced work. (If you’re worried it’s too nuanced …

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