TV Club: Just before the end, Bates Motel does right by its most underutilized character

It would be easy to gloss over just how much time is spent this episode with Emma Decody. After all, Alex Romero comes out swinging in the final act, storming White Pine Bay’s police station and taking Norman Bates hostage, along with his former co-worker. It’s the act of a man intent on accomplishing one last thing, with no regard for what happens to him after he’s done. He says as much to Maggie—the fantasy of killing Norman was the only thing that kept him alive for the past two years—and so there’s no escape plan, just a determination to see this through. Maggie, bless her heart, tries to pull him back from the brink (“I can live with you broken,” she says, a statement that is sad on a number of levels), but Romero knows something she doesn’t. He’s not broken …

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