TV Club: Just another crazy night at the Venture compound

It’s been, what, six seasons, and I’m still not exactly sure how the Guild of Calamitous Intent works when it comes to “good guys.” Dr. Mrs. The Monarch labels Rusty as a “level 10 protagonist” early on in tonight’s episode, which makes sense; these folks are obsessed with rules and rankings and procedure, and I’m sure they have files and organizational charts for everything. Hell, we even learn later on that Wide Wale is essentially outsourcing his arching to lesser villains because he’s such a big shot. This is a weird system.

And that’s fine—great, really. The persnickety nerdiness of much of the show’s worldbuilding has always been one of its charms. But when Rusty places a call into the Guild to complain about his latest villain attack, things get fuzzy to me. The guild guys give him the runaround, laughing the …

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