TV Club: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: “All The Mirrors Of The World”

The quieter moments are the ones that shone through this episode—perhaps with no giant dramatic scenes to upstage them, the showrunners let them breathe—namely the lovely shots of old, burnished mirrors and what seems to be happening on the other sides of them. An early scene places Norrell and Childermass in a bedroom, Childermass recovering from the shot Lady Pole fired last episode. “She was at the heart of it,” he tells Norrell, referring to the magic he sensed concentrating around her.

Despite Norrell’s best efforts to keep magic contained and respectable, magic is seeping outside his control in the most contemptuous ways. Not only can Childermass perform his own small magic and sense it swirling through London, but Segundus—never having before shown aptitude as much as enthusiasm toward magic—also senses it around Lady Pole and Stephen. He sees a rose in both their mouths …

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