TV Club: Jokes and production design shine on a celebratory Last Man On Earth

It’s no secret The Last Man On Earth returns to a few different wells time and time again for plot catalysts. Like past and present sitcoms, LMOE uses certain well-developed character traits—Tandy’s stubbornness, Carol’s jealousy, Todd’s kindness, etc.—to drive most episodes. Sometimes these iterations can be quite dull because the audience instinctively knows that, say, Tandy will see the error of his ways or Carol will realize she’s being silly by the end of the episode. So it becomes kind of an uninteresting waiting game, especially when the episode in question isn’t that funny.

In plot terms, “Name 20 Picnics… Now!” is a very familiar episode—Tandy and Todd butt heads over a heavily medicated Melissa’s presence around the new child Jasper, and Carol feels jealous towards Erica and her new baby bump. But it shines nevertheless because credited writer Matt …

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