TV Club: Join Or Die With Craig Ferguson is comfort food for Late Late Show fans

For almost a decade Craig Ferguson hosted one of the most secretly subversive shows on TV—a late night network talk show that openly flaunted its insubordination. Defined equally by its juvenile sense of humor (like a cussing bunny puppet) and its penchant for intellectualism (the show won a Peabody for an episode featuring Archbishop Desmond Tutu discussing apartheid), The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson reflected its host’s humanistic point of view as well as his cheeky, punk rock demeanor.

Fans of Ferguson’s Late Late Show will feel right at home with his new History Channel panel show, Join Or Die With Craig Ferguson. Each episode opens with a meandering monologue almost identical to the one Ferguson used to deliver on CBS every night. From there the rest of the half-hour show leans more heavily on the British chat show format than the American talk show one …

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