TV Club: John Cena gamely roughs up a middling Saturday Night Live

“I’m not an actor, I’m a [‘rassling] star!”

It’s not at all fair that John Cena is going to get compared to that other former wrestler turned movie star, SNL host, and human charisma generator Dwayne Johnson. But, sure, John Cena is no Dwayne Johnson when it comes to hosting SNL, or to out-of-ring star power. Still, I like John Cena. Apart from his tireless humanitarian work (he has done more Make A Wish visits than any person ever), the big lug has shown some unexpectedly good comedy chops in both Trainwreck and Sisters (even some nimble improv skills in the outtakes), and I thought he was super doing deadpan self-parody on Psych. In tonight’s episode, Cena suited up to play, donning a Fabio wig, getting copiously showered with owl crap (and vomit), saying “bro!” a lot as Patriots party-doofus Rob Gronkowski, and generally being the …

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