TV Club: Joan Watson considers becoming Batman

“I don’t have enemies. I’m not like you.”

Let’s start this one right from the top: “Down Where The Dead Delight” is taken from the Latin motto long associated with morgues: Hic Locus Est Ubi Mors Gaudet Succurrere Vitae, which loosely translates to “the place where death delights in helping life.” It’s a suitably chewy motto for a layered, sometimes fascinating episode that makes great use of the gray areas Elementary can inhabit so well.

There are three victimized women in this episode: Janet (killed by the father of the young man who was obsessed with her—you know how overprotective dads are), Nicole (killed by the bomb that dad planted in a corpse to cover his tracks), and barely-mentioned Nyoka (beaten into brain damage by gang member Hector). Of course, because an episode title works better if there’s a little irony at …

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