TV Club: Jimmy Fallon steals the show on SNL, even if you wish he wouldn’t

“I’m not an actor, I’m an [SNL alum and sometimes 1st-place late night] star!”

An SNL alum returning as host needn’t be a drag. Sure, it means we’re in for a lot of returning favorites who were a lot more favorite when they hadn’t yet had all the juice sucked out of them. But that can work if, as in one of the best returning alums‘ episode ever, sheer immediacy of talent (and the fact that Bill Hader never wore out Herb Welch or Stefon during his tenure on the show) wins out. Of course, that episode had some of the worst ratings in Saturday Night Live history, so what do I know.

No doubt the ratings for tonight’s Jimmy Fallon-hosted episode will be a lot better. For one thing, SNL has been on a ratings tear this season, the combination of big time …

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