TV Club: Jimi Hendrix: Electric Church

If you were to poll random people on the street and ask them to name as many major American music festivals that took place during the late 1960s and early 1970s as they possibly could, you’d probably hear Woodstock cited more often than not, and if you were in a particularly hip area, you might find a handful of folks who’d throw the Monterey Pop Festival into the mix. Outside of the state of Georgia, however, the odds would almost certainly fall to between “slim” and “none” that anyone would ever utter the words “Atlanta International Pop Festival.”

The Atlanta International Pop Festival was only held twice – first in 1969, and then again the following year – and on neither occasion did it actually take place in Atlanta, although the inaugural event did take place in Hampton, Georgia, which at 20 miles outside of the state capital was apparently …

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