TV Club: Jessica Jones stumbles by avoiding the complexity of Luke and Jessica’s dynamic

The coupling of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage is pulled directly from the Alias comic, but their dynamic is dramatically different on the TV series. All of the material with Jessica killing Luke’s wife, Reva, while under Kilgrave’s control has been added to introduce conflict to the romance and give Luke a stronger tie to the show’s central villain, but the writers struggle with the complications this brings to the narrative. “AKA You’re A Winner!” spotlights Luke and Jessica’s relationship by teaming them up on an investigation, with Luke hiring Jessica to track down a young man whose sister has valuable information about Reva’s death. This new professional dynamic revives their romantic one, but it all falls apart when Jessica finally tells Luke that she killed Reva, stopping him from killing the MTA bus driver that was driving drunk on the night Reva died …

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