TV Club: Jessica Jones regains its footing by focusing on Trish and Jessica’s history

After trying and failing to juggle too many plots in “AKA 1,000 Cuts,” Jessica Jones considerably improves by doing less in “AKA I’ve Got The Blues,” relaxing the pace to explore the relationship between Jessica and Trish and how it’s changed since their teen years. There’s no Jeri or Kilgrave, and while Tennant’s performance is missed, their exclusion is a wise decision, providing a welcome breather from those villains after the major events of last episode and allowing for a stronger focus on Jessica and Trish. Flashbacks detail major moments in the adopted sisters’ shared past as they track down Kilgrave and deal with the escalating threat of a drug-addled Simpson in the present, and bringing the story back down to a more intimate, personal level helps the show regain its footing after stumbling with the previous chapter.

“AKA 1,000 Cuts” was all about …

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