TV Club: Jessica Jones gets back to work with a case tied to The Avengers

Shortly after making a public radio apology to the superhumanly powerful man that just tried to have her killed, Trish Walker delivers a line that concisely summarizes one of the major themes of Jessica Jones: “Men and power, it’s seriously a disease.” The show is one long exploration of how a white man with power is able to destroy the lives of others with no repercussions, and Kilgrave is a disease that spreads because he exists in a climate that fosters his growth. In “AKA 99 Friends,” we begin to learn the scale of the Kilgrave infection as his victims begin filling Jeri Hogarth’s office, and while there are plenty of people taking advantage of Hell’s Kitchen’s hottest new alibi, there are a handful whose lives have been genuinely contaminated by contact with Kilgrave.

The nature of the trauma varies for each Kilgrave victim, and it …

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