TV Club: Jessica Jones’ finale soars by shirking superhero conventions

Hero. Villain. Good. Evil. Kilgrave says these types of labels are reductive in “AKA Smile,” and it’s one of the rare instances in this series where he’s actually right. In reality, people don’t fall so easily into one camp or the other. Good people do bad things, bad people do good things, and everyone has their own individual circumstances that are directly influenced by the good and/or bad people around them. But superhero narratives aren’t reality. They’re escapist fantasy, and for a significant part of the superhero genre’s history, an essential aspect of that fantasy was maintaining a strong dichotomy between heroes and villains.

This black-and-white morality dominated the Golden and Silver Ages of superhero comics, but more shades of gray began to appear in the Bronze Age as plots became darker and more socially conscious. The moral distinctions were blurred further in …

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