TV Club: Jessica busts heads, beds, and hearts in a thrilling episode

At one point in “AKA It’s Called Whiskey,” Jessica Jones saves her junkie neighbor Malcolm (Eka Darville) from a beating and he thanks her by saying, “You’re a good person, Jessica Jones.” Her response is quick, dismissive, and correct: “You’re high.” But is Jessica Jones a good person? Sure, she’s trying to stop a mind-controlling maniac and save a young woman from a life behind bars, but are her noble intentions enough to make up for her less admirable choices? Does hunting Kilgrave excuse Jessica sleeping with the former husband of a woman she murdered while under Kilgrave’s control? Does getting her hands on Kilgrave’s weakness, the surgical anesthetic sufentanil, excuse her exploitation of Malcolm in order to acquire the drug?

Jessica herself says no. During her date with Luke Cage (does going out for a meal between wild sex sessions count as a …

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