TV Club: Jesse finds “God” and Hitler’s in Hell on Preacher

Four episodes in, and now’s as good a time as any for things to slow down a bit. Actually, “slow down” isn’t the best way to describe it; “Viktor” is packed with subplots, from Eugene’s ongoing adventures in Hell, to Jesse and Cassidy tracking down the history of the actor who played God, to Tulip’s efforts to manage her past. There’s still a sense of momentum, especially as the hour ends with Jesse beating and Word-ing his way into Viktor’s lair to try and rescue his lady love (who may not actually need rescuing). But while none of the individual threads are bad, the split focus does make for a less impactful episode than the previous three of the season; and while I’m not worried the show is going to fall back into old habits, I’d be lying if I said I …

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