TV Club: Jane The Virgin undergoes a major identity crisis when she finally has sex

After 46 chapters, it’s finally happened: Jane Gloriana Villanueva has lost her virginity. Is it glorious? No. Is she happy about it? Not really. Like everything else in Jane’s life, letting go of her virginity turns out to be more complicated than she expects, and she goes on an intense emotional journey as she tries to figure out why she’s not physically and spiritually satisfied by sexual intercourse with her husband. Tonight’s Jane The Virgin follows a very similar trajectory as Jane’s sexual experience in this episode; it starts off rocky but sticks the landing, providing a triumphant finish that makes up for any missteps at the start.

The first third of “Chapter Forty-Seven” has some questionable plot developments. Jane and Michael finally have sex after a series of interruptions courtesy of Jane’s family members and her advisor, but they accidentally activate the video …

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