TV Club: Jane The Virgin stumbles by tearing down relationships before they’re built

I was very nervous when I saw last week’s promo for tonight’s Jane The Virgin, which made the episode look like one long ad for Target, it’s most aggressive corporate sponsor. Target’s prominence on Jane The Virgin has been a key element of the company’s “#SinTraduccion” (“#WithoutTranslation”) ad package launched earlier this year, part of a larger campaign to court more Spanish-speaking customers (you can read more about it in this Racked piece), and the promos for “Chapter Twenty-Nine” suggested that the sponsor was hijacking the story. That’s thankfully not the case, and writers Dara Resnik Creasy and David S. Rosenthal cleverly use this forced integration as fuel for an episode that explores how administrators impose their demands on creatives.

The Target scene is relatively painless, showing Rafael the #BlackFridayVirgin as he learns the strict rules of Christmas shopping with the Villanuevas. The advertising …

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