TV Club: Jane The Virgin stumbles as it reveals the negative side of its time jump

For the last two episodes, Jane The Virgin‘s three-year time jump was used to maintain the show’s fun, sunny spirit in the wake of a tragic loss, but “Chapter Fifty-Seven” spotlights the dangers of jumping past the big stuff to stay on a track that viewers will be comfortable with. There are big events in this episode surrounding the romances that began with the time jump, but the lack of development for those relationships diminishes the impact of their dissolutions.

This is especially harmful for Rafael and Abbey, a couple that has been intentionally pushed into the background. The Narrator loves to joke about Abbey being sidelined, and while this represents Rafael’s lukewarm feelings for her, it’s prevented her from becoming a fully realized character. Minka Kelly is a very talented actress (see: Friday Night Lights), but she hasn’t had much to do on this …

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