TV Club: Jane The Virgin struggles to lose her flower in a stand-out episode

Jane Gloriana Villanueva is ready to stop being a virgin, but despite her chipper optimism at the top of “Chapter Thirty-Four,” committing to losing it is harder than she presumes. The title card ends with a question mark this week, and writer Madeline Hendricks approaches Jane’s new lifestyle decision from a variety of angles, detailing the complexity of the internal struggle between Jane’s outdated, ingrained principles, her desire to change, and her unresolved romantic feelings for men that aren’t Professor Hottie.

The episode opens with a flashback to four years ago when Jane first told Michael that she’s a virgin waiting for marriage, and while Jane doesn’t realize it for most of the chapter, the memory of her relationship with Michael is the main thing holding her back. And it’s definitely Michael, not Rafael, who is lingering in the back of Jane’s mind …

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