TV Club: Jane The Virgin needs a waterfall to quench her thirst for a telenovela hunk

You have no idea how angry I am at myself for using the “Everyone on Jane The Virgin is very horny” headline for last episode when it would have been perfect for tonight’s “Chapter Sixty.” The show’s modified title for the week is Jane The Horndog, and sexual desire is a major theme of this episode, particularly how it relates to Jane and Alba. Jane wants to have hot, meaningless sex with her father’s new co-star, Fabian, but there are emotional barriers that prevent her from letting her lustful side take over. Meanwhile, Alba is nervous about telling Jorge that she doesn’t believe in sex before marriage, and when she does, she quickly assumes the relationship is over.

The opening flashback shows a tween Jane experiencing lust for the very first time while watching a telenovela with Xo and Alba, and Jane has had a weakness …

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