TV Club: Jane The Virgin hits familiar beats with the arrival of Jane’s shady cousin

The return of Petra brings Jane The Virgin back to a familiar status quo, and while there are some new tensions between various parties (Petra/Rafael, Jane/Alba), things are settling down now that Michael has recovered from his shooting, Jane has lost her virginity, and Petra isn’t in a state of forced paralysis while her twin sister impersonates her. The situation is almost back to normal, which means it’s the perfect time to drop a bomb with the introduction of Catalina, Jane’s sexy, well-traveled, wildly adventurous cousin. She’s the first cousin Jane has ever had (although technically her third cousin if you want to get all genealogical), and Jane’s weakness for family and romantic living makes her very susceptible to Catalina’s charm, although she should know better than to open her home to a person who is basically a stranger.

There haven’t …

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