TV Club: Jane The Virgin gets used to the new normal with another powerful chapter

How do you return to normalcy in the wake of major trauma? Jane The Virgin tackles this question as it tries to settle back into the show’s usual groove, and while tonight’s episode succeeds in that respect, the characters are learning that there’s no way to go back to their old routine after recent events. Jane is plagued by nightmares where Michael heads out on his first day back at work and ends up bleeding on The Marbella’s carpet the moment he walks out the door, and Jane’s fears about Michael returning to the force affect her behavior with everyone around her.

Last week’s episode had a heightened level of conflict that made sense given the huge impact of the season 2 cliffhanger, but “Chapter Forty-Six” is more representative of the relatively low-stakes storytelling that this show typically traffics in. Plots like Jane and …

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