TV Club: Jane The Virgin: “Chapter Three”

Turns out that Jane The Virgin is a show that substantially rewards rewatching. There are so many different plots being juggled by the writers, so it’s fun to go back and see where seeds were planted for various stories, and because the show had such a strong, confident start, there’s no dip in quality when revisiting past chapters. The series has been remarkably consistent for 16 episodes now, but this streak of successes shouldn’t be a surprise given the exceptional four episodes that open the season. It’s hard to point out any flaws in these introductory chapters, which make it easy for the audience to swallow an absurd premise while building a captivating cast of characters and establishing a world that delightfully blends fantasy and reality. “Chapter Three” spotlights all these positive elements, continuing Jane’s story with a perfect mix of whimsical comedy, emotional drama …

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