TV Club: Jane The Virgin: “Chapter Nineteen”

It’s been a while since Jane The Virgin actually tackled the subject of Jane’s virginity, but it comes back to the forefront in “Chapter Nineteen,” which brings Jane closer than ever to losing it. Swept up in the emotional whirlwind of Rafael’s break-up and a stressful make-up, Jane skinny dips in The Marbella’s pool with her baby daddy, and is dead-set on having sex until a security guard ruins the moment. It’s a steamy scene that convinces the viewer that Jane really is going to lose her virginity, but it’s more of the romantic fantasy that has blinded Jane to the reality of her situation in the past.

The renewed focus on Jane’s virginity is evident from the opening flashback, showing young Jane teaching her grandmother’s virginity flower lesson to some of the girls in her 5th grade class at Catholic school …

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